Monday, May 6, 2013

monday lovin': hey, it's okay to match your mom

When I was younger, Mother's Day meant an annual event for matching outfits. I got to middle and  high school when I avoided matching my mother in any way, shape, or form. I have to admit now one of my favorite things to do is to shop out of my mom's {and grandmother's} house. Here are some items that it would be TOTALLY okay if you matched your mom (and would be great to buy two of before Mother's Day!)

splurge and get you both a classic bag that y'all will love for years....and keeps your hands free
on Mother- Daughter shopping trips

Home T: My momma said I could always come home, this T would be special with your
home state. 

your favorite flats (these are on sale!): Because she secretly loves them and no woman can say no to footwear

Scarf: My mom and I both love scarfs, so neither of us would be disappointed 

Housekeeping: a hysterical print to put in y'all's laundry rooms. My mom and I both HATE laundry

pretty catchall: for next to y'all's bedside or on the dresser for favorite jewelry. It will make
you both smile every time. 

Design Books: It is SO helpful when you are trying to explain what you want to do in your living room to your mother if you have the same book to pick up and reference. And really because she is the only person that is going to listen to you ramble on about moving that armchair (bonus points: this 
one is by a mother daughter team!)

What is your favorite Mother's Day gift to give or receive? Help a girl out!

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  1. i love that you and your mom wore matching outfits. so sweet! this year i purchased my mom the laduree cookbook because we were in paris together last fall and absolutely fell in love with it :)


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