Monday, April 29, 2013

monday lovin'

I got my first houseplant yesterday! I named her Cecil (I have a horrible habit of naming inanimate objects which my husband encourages because he finds it hilarious) and she is a variegated  rubber plant. She is great because she is VERY easy to keep alive and  my dog, who has to taste everything, won't get sick from nibbling on her. I was dying for a fiddle fig tree or a citrus plant both of which are the exact opposite of Cecil. If I can keep this plant alive, I will get a bigger one because I love the impact they have on rooms. Do you like to keep houseplants? Which are your favorite?

I also love this and totally copied Molly and Sally


Many of these are from London because house plants are quintessentially British, which 
my parents paid a lot of money for me to know

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  1. When we move into our new house, my goal is to have more plants! They just make everything better!


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