Tuesday, April 30, 2013

24 for 24

I am getting excited to gear up for my birthday. The best part about this year is that Craig will be around for it and it is also our "unofficial" anniversary. I have never spent my birthday with him or had a birthday in a long time that hasn't had another event going on.  We were at dinner tonight and the guys were talking about how women get so excited for birthdays and for them it's just another day. Do y'all love birthdays as much as I do?!

1. a new pair of my favorite jeans
2. a fancy french pot for my kitchen exploits
3. a fun watch
4. a new puppy (y'all I am dying. I want another dog so bad!) 
6. another pair of eye glasses, particurally Warby Parker ones
7. Ampershand print for my gallery wall 
8. white and navy purse, need I say more?
9. Loren Hope goodies, finally!
10. A pretty topiary for the TV stand
11. a lucite chair for my desk
12. refer to #8!
13. {more} Pajamas that I can live in
14. pretty fabric for the living room
15. the perfect stripe T
16. sunnies for the sunniest of places {that's a joke by the way}
17. a dainty necklace for everyday
18. the best smelling candle
19. a skirt with chambry + hint of shimmer. perfection
20. hot pink mary janes
21. beautiful catchall for my nightstand
22. chambry shirt.
23. to indulge in my love for France and dogs
24. monogrammed goodness

I always get stuck between things I really want vs. things I need. Craig also doesn't love getting me house stuff for my birthday, "it's not what it's for."

What do you think I should ask for to celebrate 24?!


  1. great picks! i think you should ask for the le creuset for your birthday, it is truly one of the best investments ever! the floral tray and pink satin pumps are pretty adorable as well :)

    1. I have been wanting a le creuset forever, I have the casserole dishes and they cook everything so evenly!

  2. I don't know what I'd pick. Probably those purple and orange earrings. Those have been calling my name for awhile!

    That chair is also gorgeous!


    1. I love those earrings! They would look so pretty with every outfit!

  3. A dressmaker to make up that Betsey Johnson silk jersey for you. Mary D.


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