Wednesday, March 6, 2013

talking interiors: coffee table styling, easier said than done

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I adore when coffee tables are styled. I feel like it adds a lot of conversation to the room, through books and knick knacks that are accessible to your guests. I thought today that I would go about adding some books to the top and arrange them to decorate. After about 10 minutes, I realized that styled coffee tables may look effortless but it takes a lot of work to make sure that it is the appropriate proportion of clutter and class. Too much looks messy, while too little looks like you didn't pick up the book you were reading and the knick knacks belong elsewhere

Books for everyone {dogs, Age of Elegance, St. Barth's, Palm Beach Entertaining}: You want your guests to find something on the table that is interesting and can become a topic of conversation later. Having a variety of subject matter allows for everyone to find a book to flip through

a pretty candle: this is especially important in our house because of the open floor plan. I like to light candles as I am serving dinner so as dinner is finishing up the food aromas go to the wayside and it leads the attention to our living area and not a overflowing sink. 

a small tray: Well I lose everything, so the more places I have to put little things the better

knick knacks: I love pretty matchboxes (I love these society social ones because they can be customized) but it is not realistic with a dog that always picks things up. A brass animal would be 
equally fun. 

bud vase: fresh flowers are one of life's prettiest treats and I love when I can have them on the coffee table. You can also get faux flowers to do the trick. I have found a ton of Kate Spade bud vases at TJ Maxx.

the gals of good bones, great pieces say that they gather knick knacks from around the house to see what they have and THEN they add to that collection, that way you have meaningful items on the coffee table and also things that do the style trick

Do you have any trick for styling a coffee table? Please share!

*my friend also sent me this link to the everygirl. I hadn't seen it but they also say similar things!


  1. It IS easier said than done. My kids have a knack for "re-arranging" any coffee styling I attempt, but I keep trying! I didn't know about that Palm Beach Entertaining book, but it looks like a good one!

  2. loving these coffee tables , gives me some great ideas.

    xo Meg<3

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