Thursday, February 21, 2013

charleston naturally: treat yourself

toner, shampoo, conditioner

When Charleston Naturally reached out to me about testing some of their products, I went to their website and and saw that they had products for every aspect of beauty, from face masks to make up. I have terrible sensitive skin that has allergic reactions to just about anything so I knew we would be a good match. 

 Let me paint a picture for you about my skin: I was a Congressional Aide in the Senate in high school, I needed to look good, I needed to let them know that the next Speaker of the House was there. So my naive 16 year old self went to get my eyebrows done at an unfamiliar salon. 15 minutes later... it looked like I had second degree burns on my eyebrows even though the wax wasn't hot. I got to walk around Congress like that for a week, needless to say I ended my political career before it started

Carly and I talked (she was really nice, it is Charleston after all. customer service is their jam!)  I told her I that I really love face products but the only face wash I can use doesn't make my face feel clean all the time. I also have been wanting to try more natural products but didn't know where to start. She sent me the Weleda Cleanser and Toner and it is perfect. It has that tingly feel of a toner without drying your skin out. I have been using it in the morning and it makes me feel awake! 
The added bonus? The glass bottle looks so pretty nestled between beauty products on my tray.

She also sent me the Rahua voluminous shampoo and conditioner. It really works. Like in a way that my other volume shampoos and conditioners haven't. To be sure I gave it one more test. My best friend who came to visit complains about how flat her hair is every time she styles it. (I had never seen anyone tease their hair to go to class before I met her)  I asked her to use it. The results: it really worked for her too! 

Moral of this story: If you are in to natural products or need something for your beauty needs that hasn't been fulfilled, go check their website out or give them a call. They will help you out. They also have a lot of sample and travel sizes so you don't have to fully commit until you give it a go!

* they have natural baby and pregnancy products also!

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