Monday, January 28, 2013

weekend in pictures

Happy Monday from Florida! I got to Atlanta at 4:50 am on Wednesday morning and bless my parents, they drove FIVE hours to pick me up so that Nimitz didn't have to be on multiple planes. I thanked them by being sick and sleeping the entire way home. I was greeted by three other pups at home, two weimarners that our friends own and my brother's boxer. It was madness! We corralled them into my mom's office to take that picture, luring them with treats. 

We pretty much ate, drank, and shopped through most of the weekend. It is really warm here! I have pulled out all my spring clothes and sandals from my suitcase and left all evidence of winter behind. Loft and J.Crew had some great deals this weekend and J.Crew Factory has pretty new arrivals! 

We headed out to Seaside to enjoy the weather and happy hour which we followed up with dinner at my favorite Mexican Restaurant.  My sister-in-law is so much fun to hang out with (we haven't ever had the chance until now!) and it was really nice to get away from my computer to enjoy time with my family!

This week, I want to start figuring out my bedroom and help out decorating around 
the house, as well as getting my hair and nails did (moms are the best!). Do y'all have anything coming up this week? Do share! Happy Monday!

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  1. so jealous of the warm & sunny florida weather.
    it's cold and rainy here!


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