Tuesday, January 29, 2013

recent musings

Sorry for the late post! My parents' internet started going out last night and I had to wait until this morning for it to work.

These are a couple of things that have been on my mind lately...

quotable quote: I think that this not only applies to my everyday life but my blog. I need to keep letting my personal voice and aesthetic shine through and not compare it to what everyone else is posting!

Heart Blouse: I am dying! I loved this print last year and it sold out on j.crew. J.Crew factory is carrying it along with the matching skirt. I am positive I need the set. 

Revlon Persian Melon: It is the closest match that I have found to Nars Schiap! It is glossier but I can't seem to pull the trigger on buying expensive hot pink lipstick. I will stick to my cheaper version until I am positive I will wear it. 

Sam Edelman Flats: My new must have for spring! I adore the oversized bow; it will give a feminine, whimsy look to spring. 

Haircut: Should I get my haircut like this?! I am lucky enough that Washington isn't humid so my hair isn't as curly but I have had really long hair since high school. I don't know if I am brave enough to cut it. Any short haired people out there with advice?

white converse all-stars: After debating whether I could pull these off ( I was a keds kid) I have decided that they will be perfect for lazy weekends and running errands. I am also going to try to pull them off with a casual black dress like I saw here

Apple Mouse: Does anyone have this? I am using my old PC mouse right now but I didn't know if the apple mouse is worth the money to get. I also FINALLY got photoshop for mac so I can start learning the ends and out of photoshop. There are few tutorials out there for PC!


  1. 1. That's great advice.
    2. Love the J.Crew shirt.
    3. OP has great hair and style. Do it.

    1. If I was to steal a closet OP's would be it in a heartbeat. She looks so effortless and put together.


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