Thursday, January 3, 2013

new year, new goals

Resolution is such an ugly word, it sounds so shiny and promising of a great year on January 1; by the end of the month it is as dreary as the weather outside. I have only ever kept two resolutions, to make my bed every morning and to get dressed for class in college (I also made a mini resolution to find my hairbrush..that is another story). This year I have set goals in order to be more efficent and to ease sources of anxiety.

1) drink more water: This may be my worst habit. I am active almost everyday but rarely make it through more than two glasses of water. Instead of recoginzing that I am dehydrated I either a) eat or b) drink coffee/tea. This results in having to chug pedialyte about once of month because I feel so terrible. My goal is to drink four to five glasses of water a day OR only drink one cup of coffee/tea.

2) make a cleaning plan and stick with it: This is one major source of anxiety for me personally and it has gotten so out of control in the last two months. I dread coming home some days because I know it is so messy and I find myself apologizing for the clutter. (sidenote:messy not dirty! there is a BIG difference) My plan will include sorting mail when it comes in the house, folding laundry when it comes out of the dryer (not a week later), and making sure all the dishes (ie:after dinner cups) are in the dishwasher before bed. I am also working on making our guest bedroom a workplace so my projects have a home somewhere other than our kitchen table.

3) eat like an adult, not a child: Don't get me wrong, I cook more than 90% of America. I do make really good meals but then I forget to go to the grocery store and I find myself putting frozen food, Kraft mac and cheese, and other various things that are not okay for adult consumption on the table. I also want to work on not over eating and having wholesome snacks.

4) get creative with my wardrobe: I am guilty of buying clothes in similar shapes and colors, think crewneck sweaters and j.crew skirts. I want to try shopping at new stores and getting out of my comfort zone this year!

5) figure out this blogging thing: I want to be more consistent with my posts and have more confidence in my blog. Craig was going through the camera and found at least a half dozen projects/outfit posts that never made it on here. I didn't think that they were good enough for the blog world. Alas, it is time to stop comparing and give it my best!

6) stop stressing the little things: In some ways I have major anxiety; I can't leave the house without worrying what I left plugged in even though I tripled checked before I left, think that I am constantly letting those around me down, and worrying about every detail of my day. I also need to step away and read a book every once in awhile

Do you have any goals for the year? Any advice to help me accomplish any of my goals? I would love to hear!


  1. I am trying to drink more water too this year! I decided to completely give up soda because one, it's really bad for you, and two, i can totally save more money by drinking water. Not sure if my classes this semester will let me give up coffee or not...

    You really should blog those projects! I am kind of obsessed with following blogs, and it's been fun watching you start since a lot of bloggers are already super organized. Maybe one day, I'll get mine together. Good luck with everything!

  2. Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by our blog. Loving your goals for 2013. I am with you on the drinking more water. I need to so bad! What I have started to do since I don't "love" drinking water is to buy the plain seltzer water (I love the fizz and as a diet soda freak I need something to help cut down on them) and I add either some fresh lemon or limes. My favorite thing is to add a little Cran-Apple juice - just enough to tint the water and give it a little flavor. At least this is helping with my water intake and while the juice has sugar I'm using a lot of it. :-) And your #2 hits home for me too! The mail is such a hard thing to keep under control.
    Happy New Year to you! We are following you via GFC!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. I absolutely love your goals for 2013! #4 is one of mine; I need to be more creative with my wardrobe. I have been good about buying a few new things for each season, but I find myself buying clothing items similar to pieces I already own. Also, I am with you on the blogging thing. I get so intimidated by other blogs, but I need to remind myself that I have the potential to write quality posts consistently. I love finding new blogs, and new perspectives are great for the blogging community. Your blog is so lovely! Have a great new year!

    xo Madison

  4. I am with you on #4! I too am trying to break free from the JCrew matchy match items! As crazy as it sounds but so far I found paring my JCrew staples with something fun from Forever 21 (I know sounds horrible ... I pretend I am there with a teenager taking forever in the dressing room ... lol) but it really works and it's CHEAP! I've gotten so many compliments at work with my same old skirts and sweaters because I jazzed it up a bit.

    Good luck on all your goals!!



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