Tuesday, December 18, 2012

diy: taking a poll on dressing up my desk!

I had my heart set in on a Crate and Barrel Desk that sold out in minutes on Black Friday. After getting over not getting exactly what I wanted and taking over most of the living room with holiday projects, I decided to be pro active and look for a new one. Little Green Notebook had a fabulous ikea hack, that is in my price range (which is very low if I am being honest) and is big enough for blogging, crafting, and sewing.


I love the simple gold legs BUT I am also in love with Jenna Lysons red/peachy/pink desk (but seriously what color is it) and would love to paint the legs a redish/pink color


I also think the top is too plain and I saw fabulous white and gold crocodile skin wrapping paper at TJ maxx that I am making a beeline for after work tomorrow. Add glass to the top and voila, a wonderful desk

(very similar but has gold)

My question for you is.... Do you think I should stick with classy brass legs or be bold and go with a color?

let me know!


  1. Hi sweet! Nice blog you have...wanna follow each other?
    Maybe we can follow each other !?
    Just let me know :)

  2. I think the brass would be nice, just because it goes with everything! But I do love Jenna's desk too. My guess would be that it's red?

  3. I love the white desk! I think the brass would be nice.. color is good too but it will depend on what the rest of your office will be like. I adore the idea of wrapping paper underneath glass. Brills!! I have a giveaway running right now & would love for you to enter it!
    Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

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