Friday, July 20, 2012


August is only 11 days away, can you believe it??! I feel like Craig just got home but now his birthday and our anniversary are almost here! My favorite part about August is new agendas! I use mine religiously in addition to a notebook I keep in my purse for little notes and such. Here are my two all time favorite agendas:

Paper-Source: A Perfect color and streamlined so that it is all business while
still being pretty. 

  Lilly Pulitzer Agenda: My agenda of choice the last three years. I get the middle sized one because
the smallest is too hard to write in and I haven't found the need for the jumbo (great for a teacher)
It has fun illustration throughout the agenda and it has a pocket for extras in the front. I think I will be sticking
with it for at least for a few more years

I will be picking up one this weekend so it gets here by August 1! Have a good weekend!

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