Tuesday, June 19, 2012

nimitz turns one

On Saturday Nimitz hit a milestone. His first Birthday! We are pretty sure that the bigger accomplishment is that we managed to raise a puppy with no major damage to the house or our limbs. A lot of people thought that we were crazy for getting a puppy a month after we got married and when Craig was working 12 hour days.We are happy though, he has been the best addition to the family and a good friend when Craig is gone. I love all the funny things that he does such as tucking himself into our bed, helping himself to the pantry,and barking at his reflection and waiting for it to bark back. So happy we have him and stay tuned because he will be getting a friend next summer!

a brunch in honor of Nims

you can tell who wasn't helping


deciding whether he was going to eat the candle

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