Wednesday, June 13, 2012

itchin' to decorate

I have been taking it easy since Craig has been home because cleaning up my messes seems less fun when he walks through the door. However, it has been a month, I am about to start my awesome summer job, and at some point I want to put my daydreams into action.  Many of these daydreams include custom framing which is expensive so I'll have to put aside a couple pictures for now and focus on what we can afford.

I love you even more now that we live in Washington

a little something to dress up my dresser

Wanting anything from iSeeNoise for our bathroom. Not going
to get my way on this one.

acrylic tray from the container store that is going to get a make over and live on my side of the
bathroom counter

You can see all my wishes from Etsy right here 

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