Friday, May 4, 2012

what to pack in a care package.

Care packages are not unusual in this relationship. We have been sending them since we first started dating. Craig once left me a "care package" on my morning run (his house was exactly halfway on my 8 mile run) that included a good morning note and a little debbie brownie. He has also sent me orange juice when I had mono and swine flu back to back and hand warmers because he wasn't there to keep me warm when it was cold down South.

But sending care packages when someone that you love is a gone doing a very hard job for a long time takes on a whole new meaning. I packed so many that Craig finally cut me off telling me no more. Some of his goodies, Lilly  Pulitzer animal crackers since he wouldn't be seeing me in a sundress for awhile, Hershey kisses on days he needed a kiss, legos because we couldn't act like kids together, Pillowcases hand embroidered with good nights and sweet dreams that were slept with so, as Craig put it "smelled like girl and not boy", coffee because we can't drink our coffee together in the morning, pictures to remind him of all the good times we have had and the many more to come, lots of love letters because what would our relationship be without them (we have a big box and two binders), and oreos because sometimes you just need to feel better. Don't worry he also got an easter basket complete with fake grass and candy filled eggs.

this family runs on caffeine 

super easy and super fun to do for
someone you love. let me know if you want to know how

Can you tell I love that boy and miss him so much? Don't worry I have a couple more tricks up my sleeve. My care packages have included love letters in the mail, flowers, and well worn t-shirts that were packed in my suitcase that I found when I got to my parents.

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  1. You are amazing!!! My favorites are the pillow cases - Did you embroider those yourself? The whole thing is so sweet. Craig my friend you are a lucky man indeed!


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