Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another Collins' wedding!

My older brother Brendan got married a 2 weeks ago. He finally found someone to put up with him! The week included lots of late nights, good friends and family, and more smiles on Brendan's face than I have ever seen before. The only downside is that Brendan's best friend, husband (craig to everyone else), wasn't there. I am happy that the other best friend, Tyler, was there though! Now that they have missed each other's weddings, I have decided that we will be tailgating the births of the first nieces or nephews. But don't worry we only have a decade or so to think about that. I have a new sister and I am thrilled. She shares my love of preppy things and is also a military wife. 

dedicated to those serving and could not be with
them at the wedding

flowers from Craig before I left for the wedding

preview of the decorations for the rehearsal dinner

prepping for the bar

my soon to be sister-in-law
and her not so great manners ;)

the most love you will ever see out
of the two of us... the table
will tell you why

the other best friend... he may look familiar
he was in our wedding too!

Momma and Momma #2

changed my allegience for a hour and supported Army

Mr. and Mrs. Collins

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