Tuesday, May 22, 2012

what do you wear around the house?

Craig walked in the house not too long after I did yesterday and kept telling me how nice I looked even though Hunter rain boots and a button down isn't exactly a fashion statement. Then I slowly realized it was because I was wearing something other than my pajamas/nike shorts/hood rat clothes (which I am currently wearing and my pants have a hole thanks to nimitz). It is about time to get some nicer lounge clothes for around the house and toss out the hot pink bottoms with large penguins all over them from middle school. So here is a wishlist of pretty little things for around the house:

Ok, this isn't really lounge wear, but I am OBSESSED
with this maxi and it will find its way into my closet!
I'll take the whole outfit, thanks. 
How cute is this for a lazy Saturday morning.
and you can open the blinds without offending the neighbors
Old Navy Pullover- warm enough to walk the dog
and cute enough to go to the store. 
Victoria Secret Yoga Pants- I don't own
a pair of yoga pants, but it might be time

anthropologie romper on sale, throw a cami
under it and it looks sweet to sit at a computer 


  1. Hey hey hey- I have strong feelings towards those penguin pajamas. Those are a classic.

  2. the pink pajamas retired last night... Nimitz literally ripped them off of me

  3. Those are some good ideas to wear around the house! I am currently in the comfy capris and sweats stage. I am good though I don't go out of the house with them on they're strictly just lounging gear.


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