Monday, May 21, 2012

normal is (not) overrated

Seattle from the ferry; taken in March

Life is slowly getting back to normal (routines people and I LOVE it) ... Craig hasn't had a day off since he has been home but he had enough time off Saturday to get dressed in normal clothes for the first time in months. We had a conversation that while it was winter when he left it is almost summer and footwear needed to adjust accordingly and he asked me where all my new outfits coming from. We went on a lovely double date and enjoyed cupcakes at home after. We ate an enormous amount of Mexican food last night and watched the Billboard Music Awards. I was secretly in love with Justin Beiber's performance, a little less teen, a little more Justin Timberlake and I didn't hate it

This week will be the best week of the year because Craig will start his time off and I have him all to myself. We are thinking of going whale watching (I wanted to kayak by them; Craig said they were called killer whales for a reason and he wasn't getting in the water) and less exciting, normal things like mowing the lawn and hanging pictures. I hope your Monday is drier than ours!

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