Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the gift of adventure

I came across this book in Anthropologie and I think it would make a fantastic gifts for grads, newlyweds, or your dad for Father's day.  It breaks down the US/ Canada by regions and cities into manageable weekend trips that seem fun but not overwhelming. It includes food and off the wall places to see that you wouldn't normally think to do during a whirlwind weekend. It doesn't make it seem like a chore to explore the city in just a mere 36 hours (you know what I am talking about, you walk and walk and walk and want to pass out from all the fun you are supposedly having when all you want to do it sit? My family fondly refers any trip into D.C. as the D.C. death march when we had relatives visit)  How fun would it be to keep on the coffee table and dream up places to go for weekends? Plus the book is really pretty! 

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