Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a new house.

We have found a house! talk about stressful. We were really limited with the apartments because of the dog so we decided to go big and rent a house. After originally thinking that we would live in the skittle neighborhood, which meant really cute cookie cutter houses, we found a smaller neighborhood with the perfect house. It has a backyard for Nimitz and a big kitchen for me (which benefits Craig, lets be real here). It has an open floor plan and tons of wall space to fill. We didn't buy much art in Charleston because we knew we were moving so we pretty much have a fresh start here. I have been perusing Pinterest and have come across a couple of things that might make their way into our house.

A Map Wall
We have one very long hallway in our house. I love this idea of a map wall representing your heritage and where you have been. 

a city map from etsy, she has several cities. I am dying
to visit San Fran

a dog silhouette DIY project

a framed scarf for above the fireplace
This in fact almost caused the end of Peace and Harmony in the Schaefer household. Craig is claiming that our house is too girly, which I completely disagree with

diy acrylic framing 
Remember that prada marfa print we bought? Well it still isn't framed. I think this would be a great way to frame such a contemporary print.

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