Wednesday, January 25, 2012


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I never thought I would post about my workouts but I also never thought my iPhone would kick my butt either. Over the last couple months I have been looking for quick, easy ways to change up my running routine to help me lose the look of the "honeymoon phase" (eating all the time). The Nike Training Club App is helping and making it hard to sit on the toilet (the easiest sign of a good workout if we are being honest). It has four different types of workouts ranging from 15-30 minutes and three different levels within each workout. The levels are the key to success. I laughed thinking it couldn't be that hard and went to advanced. BIG MISTAKE. After three measly minutes I was flat on my stomach, huffing, and changed to intermediate. The app also can connect your workout to your iPod.It is so far easiest way to get in a great workout in that you will feel good about.

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  1. THANK YOU for this. i just downloaded it and am hoping to squeeze in some of the 15 minute workouts during baby naps. just glancing through, they do look pretty tough!


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