Friday, January 27, 2012

wedding Friday: twinner is engaged!!

I can finally share the good news with you. Twinner is engaged! (his fiancee finally had her sorority candlelight!) He is due to marry his high school sweetheart, Kylie, in 2013 right around the 7 year dating mark. I still remember him nonchalantly walking into the kitchen our senior year, flowers in hand, on his way to ask Kylie to homecoming. I was thrilled because she was one of my good friends on the track team (is anyone seeing a trend with my family? we loved dating each other's friends) and who doesn't love to know that their sibling is with a good person.The rest was left to fate (well actually Kylie had liked him for a couple years) and on Christmas morning he woke her up with a diamond ring to her complete surprise.

this is me putting in my vote
for the save the date picture
The back story is that two weeks prior to Christmas I got a phone call from Twinner saying he was buying an engagement ring that day. He didn't know what he wanted, where he was going to get it, or her ring size. I worked looking up places and finding past text messages from her about rings while Twinner did the driving and the picking. THEN, two days before Christmas the next phone call; how should I do this? Well, for the guy who made a prom invitation an all day event you would have thought he had this under control. He decided that he would get a robe embroidered with Mrs. Collins? and slip the ring in the pocket.

We are very very happy, our family is now complete. We jokingly told twinner is Kylie wasn't the one, there would be no one else. We were not joking at all, she's perfect. good job!

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