Thursday, January 12, 2012

to upholster or to not upholster?

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      I moved out of my parents' house roughly a week after they moved in. My parents genuinely believe that each child should and will always have their own bedroom in their home, no matter how old we are and what our circumstances at all. So my mom has set out to decorate each room in our personality, my older brother (US Army) believes that there are no better colors than the ole' Red, White, and Blue and his room has vintage Americana with touches of grey, white, and hunter green.
    Since I am coming home, my mom has handed over the reigns to me! My room  is considered the main guest bedroom for when people come to visit because it's roomier and the bathroom attached has a soaking tub and two sinks. So my goal is to make it my own while keeping in mind not everyone has a love for pink and other bright colors as I do. I have decided to forgo the traditional wood that is in our house and look for an upholstered headboard. So goal for today is to price them out and to brainstorm fabric. Linen, velvet, a thick cotton? Pattern or solid? nail head spacing? I haven't completely sold my parents on it yet but I will. So many plans for this room and I am excited to go home and get started. As they say, it's so much easier to spend other people's money ;)

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