Monday, January 16, 2012

our weekend.

We kicked off the weekend by celebrating Craig passing the first of 3 tests to finish the year and a half long submarine school at the local hangout with friends. Saturday, we mistakenly ran into the Charleston Marathon when we went on the hunt for the Celadon outlet (if you happen to be in Charleston on a Saturday I highly suggest you go. It's a modern take on Pottery Barn) We spent lots of time on the couch reading books on our iPad and Kindle, deeming them the best Christmas gifts ever. Charleston was having it's second best week of the year and we  headed downtown to Cypress with friends to dine and marvel at the 20ft wall of wine complete with a spiral staircase. They had a vanilla margarita that made me die and go to heaven.

We talked at length about what what furniture needs to make it's way into our new abode in Washington and how to keep each other in mind when his submarine goes too far into the ocean to talk. He will be getting an app to type notes into, that I can read when he gets back. I will perhaps be opening another blog account or getting a writing journal.

Nimitz also had a great weekend, sneaking in bed to sleep with us because it was too cold to sleep in his own bed. He played with his friend, Rio, who is trying to lose weight so Nimitz runs circles around his to try to encourage. I took him to his favorite store, Hairy Winston, to get him a new harness (someone decided that his old black one made a good snack...) that was more suited to our color needs (as Craig says, this is what happens when a woman controls your life) and finally learned to chase birds! However, we need to teach him that going into the water with alligators looking on is a good way to the local neighborhood dinner.

Now I am off to make Valentines before I have to pack up all my crafting goodies.

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