Wednesday, December 7, 2011

sentimental, lavish, or practical?

Do you ever ask these things to yourself when you are trying to buy gifts for your loved ones? I always have so many gift ideas floating around in my head but choosing the one that you think someone will enjoy the most is tough. I find that sentimental gifts are best for parents, significant others, and a best friend.

Here are some of the best sentimental gifts of the season.

1. Paper Source Accordion Kit.   $6. great for the broke. This is a flat version of the kit but they also have one in stores that is envelopes. I made mine for Craig last Valentines Day that had different months we dated with a little note and a picture for each. It was a fun way to look back. You could do past years/milestones etc.

2.  Instagram photo magnets: $15 for 9. love for  mom/dad that loves getting photos via text messages because she lives far away or a friend that you have a thousand pictures with on your phone.

3. standouts:  They start at $25. It is different than the regular old picture in a frame. It makes your photo look like cool art instead. Great for a friend to jazz up an apartment or parents that love family pictures (get your siblings together and take a picture. cheap gift and everyone is happy!)

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