Thursday, December 8, 2011

practical gifts.

I won't lie to you. I love a practical gift for Christmas. It means that it is something that you really do need  but it will [hopefully] be a step up from what you would buy for yourself. Here are a few things that even those women who say they don't need anything will love.

Vera Bradley Duffel: $84. I received this as a gift in college. It 
literally goes everywhere (and fits in overhead bins!).

Penzy Spices starter set: $42 I received penzy spices for my wedding
and I use them everyday. They are great for someone who is in the kitchen a lot (the glass
jars also add a pretty touch).

Italian Leather Gloves: $75. My mom is always cold and we got her a nice pair of gloves 
one year and she wears them all winter for a touch of elegance. 

multicolored bowls: $111 These gorgeous bowls are made in Germany and are beautiful serving bowls for a loved one in charge of all the family dinners. (My mom died when she got them last year, I practically sold my soul to convince my family)

Lollia Sweet Pea Candle: $32 Candles are so cozy during the holidays and this one adds a beautiful touch. 

Some of these practical gifts are really expensive. My family and friends are fans of splitting gifts so that we can get something fantastic for someone we love. We also draw names on my mom's side so that we only buy one gift for someone in the family. 

P.S. The blog will be getting a facelift in the next couple days! I can't wait. 

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