Thursday, December 22, 2011

bah humbug.

We were supposed to find out where we are moving today, now it isn't looking good. They are also shutting down the office that puts out such lists until after the New Year so we will know less than a month before moving. I think that if they can make Craig work on Christmas they can put their booties in high gear and let us know.

Done with tirade.

Moving on... many bloggers have been sharing this blog which is loaded with free downloads and you can also go to her  website which has cheap downloads which will cut down on the amount of thinking you will have to do when you are trying to finish up all your Christmas gifts.

love these cute tags, I am helping a friends with a cookie exchange
and we are using these for the take home boxes. 
Black Eiffel shared Angela Hardison's website and it had these two fantastic map prints that I quickly printed out and popped in an old frame to hang in our front hall.  I have seriously considered leaving it up because I love it so much

narrow hallway. bad angle. you get the picture

And if it 80 degrees at your house like it is at mine go over to google and type in let it snow and just wait for the magic to happen. We have done it one too many times over here....

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