Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I really haven't given you an update on our little puppy (actually a very big puppy....he gained 9 pounds in less than a month!). As nervous as I was about getting him, I am so happy to have him around, even though he loves to make make messes around the house.

Fun Facts about Nimitz:
   - he looks like a straight girl. I think maybe 1 in 5 get his gender right.
   - he is terribly scared of the dark (making life hard during daylight savings)
   - oddly enough he is scared of heights too
   - he loves to be held like a baby at all times ( at 30+ lbs these days are numbered. )
   - he knows that Auburn is the best team ever. In fact, he gives high fives if you tell him "War Eagle!"

on top of the Ravenel Bridge!

His blue eyes are changing

going downtown to shop with me, he gets
treats in every store. 

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