Monday, November 7, 2011

Marine Corp Marathon....completed.

My mom and I completed the Marine Corp Marathon last Sunday! It was not an easy road to get to the finish and I had my doubts before the race that I would. I won't lie, I did not train for this marathon like I should have which was dangerous for my health and not the best idea. But at a 3 hours 57 minute finish the pros outweighed the cons and I am so glad I went through with it.  I am already looking into another marathon for next year in order to reach my goal of qualifying for Boston.

all photos courtesy of my dad

The day before the race it was snowy/icy/rainy but the day of the race it was beautiful even though it was cold. The race was so much fun! That was something I did not expect; I was fully prepared to have every mile drag on. Everyone had such great attitudes and the crowd support was awesome. (the Halloween costumes were also an added bonus!)  I will never ceased to be amazed about the diversity of people that I saw racing. It was inspiring to see so many people overcome the miles to reach the finish.

Sidenote: the last two miles were HELL. It took every inch of me to make my four hour deadline. Train for your marathon!

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