Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday....good, bad, and the ugly

Before I get started, let me just tell you it has been one of those days and it isn't even noon yet. I am hoping to turn my luck around with a Pumpkin Spice Latte and at some thrift stores downtown.

All righty moving right along....
Thursday morning the day after the Bachelorette party we held the Bridesmaid's Luncheon at my Grandmother's house. I am so blessed to have an enthusiastic 78 year old woman by my side. She had her entire house remodeled this summer and with the help of my aunt, got it back up and running for the luncheon. Not only that but she made all the dishes before so I could taste test them. We used all of her different set of really cool old glasses, Lilly napkins, mason jars, and fabric and ribbon from Jo-Ann's to make the tablescape. I am pretty sure by the time we showed up we were so hungry the decorations were really lost on us.

I gave my bridesmaid's monogrammed hankies that I found in antique stores all over town and had monogrammed. I worked really hard to get their personalities to be represent through the colors and fonts. My thoughts behind this was that it could eventually be used as their something old in their own weddings. As one of them put it, " I never knew I wanted a monogrammed hankie until I got one." I also gave them tiny stain glass boxes  and inside of it was a dainty necklace from France (I don't have a picture of either....) 

After this activity was over, the rest of the day was freed up. We had big plans until everyone realized that sleeping would be the most fun of all after the night before. So while they went to sleep I had to go drop my dress off at the cleaners to be ironed. Well, what I thought would be a quick errand turned into an ordeal and when I slowly started to lose it from lack of sleep. I couldn't find the place so I drove in circles looking for it. All I was to get in bed which I made very clear when I snapped at several people who were trying to call me. I finally found the place, barely made it home and crawled into bed when Craig showed up to the house. EVERYONE tried to keep him from opening his mouth (because he is LOUD) but he did and my nap was over. 

That night my parents had all of our relatives, family friends, and my friends over for dinner and to hang out. It was a blast. You often don't get a chance to talk to everyone at the wedding and have a real conversation so this provided me an opportunity to get to talk to everyone and not feel that I had to keep moving to talk to everyone. We had Mexican food catered (you should be seeing a trend) and had homemade sangria. 

Kylie and I 

The Whitmore girls. Some of my oldest friends

Kelsey, Hayden, and I

friends from High School

My brother's fiancee, Sarah.

I think the most fun I had was having ALL my bridesmaids stay with me. We had way too much fun being in one room and goofing around. It made me so happy that all my friends blended together so well. So well that we were up to 2 am usually talking!

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