Monday, September 12, 2011

the rehearsal.

Friday before the wedding was perfect. We had NOTHING to do until the rehearsal. Having nothing to do for an entire day was unheard of. So some of us got our nails done, others laid around the house and drank mimosas (many, many mimosas...I didn't think you could drink enough of them to get tipsy), and all of us worked out.  In the afternoon, it was a decision between beach and going to lunch. I knew better than going to the beach so Bridget, Hayden, and I drove to the outlets to window shop and eat lunch at Panera. 

There was also one other thing I wanted to do....

Take pictures with the Bass Pro Shop Shark. I have always joked to my mom that I needed a picture there so my friends indulged me. 

The rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner could have not been better. My grandfather, whom I am very close with, has always joked with me that he was going to pull me down  the aisle in my red wagon that he pulled me around when I was little. Well I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when the red wagon appeared during the rehearsal to escort me down the aisle.  The best part about this was that even though Alzheimer's has made it increasingly difficult to remember little things he had a countdown to the wedding and was in such good spirits that entire week.  
My Bridesmaid's and I before the rehearsal
The rehearsal dinner was great. We invited everyone to it because so many people had traveled so far to come to our wedding, it just didn't seem fair to only see them for a couple of hours. Before Craig and I went into the dinner,we spent a couple minutes on the beach by ourselves to take it all in and to exchange gifts. It was exactly what we needed. 
The rest are my personal pictures. But I am hoping to get pictures of the decorations and of the groom's cake because they were awesome. 
the girls wearing lilly

The family. Minus my oldest brother, which is why Sarah has her  arm out

high school!

My college friends and high school friends bonding

Craig with his wedding present.

The only downfall of  this night was that Craig and I barely got to eat. On the way back home (leaving much much later than I expected) Mom and I stopped at McDonald's for some french fries. It was nice to have some time with just her before the big day. I think she was a little surprised I wasn't freaking out. 

My uncle being a goofball. 
I got home climbed in bed and we watched Father of the Bride until we fell asleep. A perfect day before the wedding in my opinion.

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