Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I would like to consider myself as a pro at moving considering this will be my 14th move in my lifetime. I figured as Craig and I moved to Charleston, we would have no problems. However, we have a new time crunch....Hurricane Irene is due to hit just north of Charleston by Saturday Morning. This means we need to move everything in from the U-Haul and the storage unit before then.

So, yesterday we ran errands. All of which I thought were going to be much harder than it really turned out. We changed my last name, re-enrolled me into the military service, changed all our bank accounts to joint accounts, and returned duplicate wedding gifts. I have a feeling I will be organizing our house until Thanksgiving with the amount of stuff that we have combined with all our new goodies. (and I will be giving things away)

In short, I hope to start recapping soon (with pictures!) and move on to some of the stuff I have been saving to share

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