Thursday, July 28, 2011


I am writing this in my wedding heels.
1. five inch heels was better off a thought than a reality.
2. I get married in two weeks. weird.
3. I am wondering how much I am going to pay in overnight shipping for all the things I haven't ordered yet.
4. One more bikini for the honeymoon would be perfect.
5. I got a Michael Kors purse for the honeymoon. Craig doesn't know yet. I am going to say the stress made me buy it.
6. I can't get stressed. Stress makes me lose weight. dress must fit.
7. Table seating charts are way easier than most people say
8. Will I want to change out of my wedding dress after I cut cake?
9. Do I like the dress I am going to change into enough to get out of my wedding dress.
10. I am convinced I will get through my to-do for the wedding only because I can't wait for my honeymoon.
11. I can't wait to read a book.
12. I am excited to see Mark and Steph tonight.
13. I am pumped beyond belief for our new apartment in Charleston. I am going to sleep forever when I move in.
14. The month of August is going to be life changing.
15. Rana and I will be playing Wii Dance like it is our job in a week. yes!
16. Dad and I still don't have a song picked out for our dance. We have considered getting one of those mats that has feet that you follow to learn how to dance....and using it at the wedding
17. I can walk in my heels but can I dance?
18. Why is it when I say I am going to eat healthy for the day, I eat the most unhealthy.
19. Yeah that tropical storm lingering out by Cuba....STAY THERE.
20. Craig shoves cake in my face at the wedding, I'll fight him


  1. good luck with these last 2 weeks, madeleine! savor every minute, because the time will fly by.

  2. Thank-you! I am trying to stay calm and enjoy it! my to-do list is long though. congrats on your pregnancy! That is so exciting!


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