Tuesday, July 26, 2011

another perspective from the other half.

So I mentioned to Mad that she hasn't updated her blog in a little while and she came up with the bright idea that I write it.  I being her soon to be husband.  So here is my best attempt to describe what we've been up to.  Madeleine likes lists and I like pictures so...

1. Going out to dinner at a sweet Mexican restaurant.  They made fresh guacamole at the table and it was amazing.

2.  Dominic and I working on the plantation.  This has been my summer project.  Madeleine couldn't take wedding pictures at the house without a lawn and, I must admit, she kind of has a point.  The sandy desert isn't exactly ideal wedding picture material.

3.  Testing out the new camera. Its sweet. 

4. I told Madeleine that I liked this chair, but I wouldn't buy it unless I was allowed to sit in it.  Furniture that just sits around solely for decoration just doesn't make sense.  We compromised.  I'm allowed to sit in it if I'm not dirty.  So we bought it.

Back to being a day laborer.  Dominic calls it his "college appreciation job."   

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