Monday, June 6, 2011

weekend review

This weekend was SUPER busy. My Maid of Honor, Kaitlin (lets be honest...she lives here) and my cousin, Dani, were in town. We spent half the weekend at my parents' new house doing manual labor, which makes me a serious contender for the perfect housewife, since I can now lay hardwood floor. The other half of the weekend was spent working on wedding invitations!!!! Terese did an awesome job on the tags and took so much stress off of me

Kait and Dani were lifesavers, we set up an assembly line to get these done. It took us about three hours to fold and put the tags on all 150 invitations. I heard murmurs of Bridezilla as we were doing it, but it all got done. I just have to finish a few envelopes and we will be all set! 

For all of our hard work on Saturday, we spent yesterday at the beach. It was perfect and I actually went in the water! Twinner kept telling me I watched too much Shark Week for my own good and I needed to just float. Twinner also heard about how much my wedding dress was  the other night as I was complaining that I need to eat healthier for the wedding and I was on thirds at dinner. He proceeded to yell at me to put the chicken down because I have a wedding to get ready for. Have I mentioned I've missed him?

Don't worry I have already been to the gym today

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