Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lovin' the Extra Time to Daydream.

I have entered a new era. One week from today I will be done with college classes. Yesterday, I had the privilege of planning my last student teaching lesson. Felt so good. This comic was included on the bottom of their assignment

I actually had to have the conversation last week about why school is important and worth going to. ( and no I do not give test questions like this... they call me the hard intern)

So when I got home I had a little time to peruse the internet in search of the next great thing. I happened to come upon this picture
full house
I have seen lots of vintage posters around the web and have wanted to look into getting one for the house. I was thinking about fun places I would love to look at around the house and of course the first place I thought of was London!
this one reminded me of Fiesta Ware and shopping. 

this one just seemed fun

Then I moved onto some other places I would love to visit

dunno how I feel about the people

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