Thursday, April 7, 2011

bridal shower recap

My first official wedding activity was so fun. It helped a lot that I got to see all my bridesmaids and friends while I was up there. Internship has officially made me a little crazy. By crazy I mean that I got in two minor car accidents in a week. In the words of my parents, "We aren't mad we are just concerned" So it was so nice to be back in a familiar place and to spend some time with my oldest friends.
Mrs. Stokes was awesome, she has pretty flowers that match the flowers at my wedding and my favorite sweet...cupcakes! I also had Mrs. Sharon there with me and my momma which was a special treat.

I received some awesome house stuff from everyone. My dear friend B.Shinal gave me a gift that was voted least likely to receive on my wedding registry
Multicolor Ceramic 7-Piece Mixing Bowl Set
a pretty set of multi colored bowls...pretty enough to be displayed
All my Martha Stewart cast iron pots from the Schaefer's...Craig can eat!!! I love them
Martha Stewart Collection Red Enameled Cast Iron Round Pot, 7 Qt. Red
notice all the pretty colors!
My dear Rana Banana, who is always on an endless mission to keep my life clean and organized gave me a cookbook  that I would fill in myself with all different recipes. Its color coded by meal so I put them in the right places!

I also received a Sewing Machine! I knew I was too domestic when I was short of jumping up and down over my new pink apron, but then I gasped when I saw my new sewing machine. I am already dreaming up all the projects I can make. Curtains, throw pillows, everything you can imagine!! What was really important that I realized how much fun my wedding was going to be with everyone I know there!

P.S. I also have a new tervis tumbler from Olivia with my new initials MRS. I make excuses to take it places with me

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