Monday, April 11, 2011

amusing blog at a time

these are all done in watercolor!!
I have found a new blog for y'all to test out and I need to update my side list very soon. This blog is called erin ever after and it is from one of the editors at just think their wedding taste in everyday life. I can deal with that. 

This week I am DETERMINED to order  invitations. They are beginning to haunt me, I have roughly a month and a half to get these suckers out and I have a lot to do in order to put them together
1) ordering them
2) getting the tags done for the outside
3) envelope liners (that includes making a decision about these and possibly a quick trip to ATL to get paper)
4) addressing and stamping them

and in the next month I have 
1) 4 graduations to attend (including my own yippppe!) 
2) one more bridal shower
3) One more portfolio JUST got done last night!
4) One birthday (22!) 
5) moving my things to two different houses
6) one almost cross country  road trip!

These lists caused a bit of a disagreement with Craig and I last night because he couldn't tell me what day he was coming to visit and I was getting upset. His response "Baby, I am a free spirit" my response "I have three calenders and a blog to keep it straight, you are getting with the program next year". I guess this is why we work. 

In other news my dad and I have decided on an annual family outing. We are going to hit up all the great events in America, one per year as long as we can. We are skipping this year because of (but not limited to) the list above and that is only the next month. Next year is the Kentucky Derby with mint juleps in hand. We also have for the future opening day at Yankee Stadium, Fiesta in Texas, Mardi Gras in New Orleans among others. I Love my daddy

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