Thursday, March 10, 2011

What the heck?!?!

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these would make pretty programs

Lent started yesterday. So did my love affair with healthy food and no cursing. I didn't give up junk food specifically but I gave up sweets which basically makes up all my food groups.

Now you might be wondering why the heck hasn't this girl been talking about her wedding very much lately. Well here is why, I have been SO busy with internship that I literally do not have enough energy for both. My mom has taken over and is on the search for someone to make my invites and all those other little annoying things for weddings

I am doing some of the crafty stuff (thank-you sign, dessert table, napkins) during spring break which is only a day away!!

P.S. My friend Allison is ENGAGED!!!! sweeeet

her in all her DC glory..pre- Mark Era

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