Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Room Inspiration for my Room in Florida

AUDRINA'S BEDROOM photo | Audrina Patridge

I beg of you to ignore the person on the bed. This is my room inspiration for my room at my parent's house. I saw it in People Magazine and I knew this was it. My favorite color (besides pink!) is purple and I love how it looks with the white comforter and I also have white furniture. 

My room is going to have design sketches of gowns instead of magnolias (thats my mom's thing). I think dresses are the greatest thing ever and will hopefully look a little more modern. 

I have a little sitting area in my room (yes, my room is huge and I am spoiled) that has a big reading chair and a cute table to put my magazines on. I think in this area I want to have black and white photos sitting on shelves 

This is the room where all my girly dreams come true until we get a spare bedroom at our house for me to decorate!

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