Wednesday, March 30, 2011

more room ideas.

It's official, Craig's and I have started the move in process. The plan is that I graduate in May and live with my parents until August when we get married. The problem is that I need to split my stuff from college between my parents and where Craig and I will live. (no we still have no idea) So the first load went....all of my boxes. Which had me thinking that I need to stop being a pack-rat and I will never be a collector of crap like figurines. Only thing I ever want to collect is clothes, shoes and accessories. I am so on the right track.

The deal with the living situation 80 people need to live somewhere in August. Only 15 people can stay in Charleston. SO NY might be it. Lets just say it hit a cool 56 last night and I was wearing sweats, long sleeves,  a sweatshirt, and a jacket. I won't survive
like the big mirror

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