Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Final Decision on Wedding Earrings

On my hunt for cool things for our new house, I stumbled upon a really really cute antique shop. This find also has great jewelery. I have always debated on having vintage earrings for the wedding so when I found these the decision was tough.
There isn't a return policy for vintage earrings, so if I bought these gems I was stuck with them. They are from the 1950s and are crystal and pearls. Being from the 1950s they are also clip-ons and extremely heavy. After a day of heavy debate I decided why not. One of my friends mentioned that my other earrings were so typical (Thanks K.Mac) and I should go for something different. Well what do you think?!

I have to still get the clip ons removed and replace with posts and I also have to wear them around the house.  They are so heavy, I want to get used to them so my ears don't hurt in addition to my feet. I think they will look great with some Nike shorts and sorority t-shirts.

photo taken at 7 am ughhh

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