Monday, February 7, 2011

weekend :)

We survived! My mom, Kaitlin, and I ran the 15k Double Bridge run in Pensacola on Saturday. We made a pact saying that if it was raining at 5:15 am when we got up (yes this was a Saturday). We all prayed for rain and  of course it didn't. It was FREEZING until we started running and we had a ton of run. I mean how many races can you run and see dolphins at the same time.
so early and we all match. cute.

The rest of  the day was spent doing wedding goodies, eating, and sleeping. There are no better naps than ones on Saturday afternoons. We found a couple choices for DJs and bridesmaids gifts. 
wedding accessories?  We think so. 

all tuckered out from the race or a food coma? hmm

This is my vote for best superbowl commercial 

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