Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ring Disaster 2011

Back in December Craig and I bought our wedding rings. It was great we were so excited, they were exactly what we wanted (or so we thought).

 Well you can how excited I was when my mom called me a few weeks ago and told me my Grandmother (her house is wedding base camp, she receives all packages) had received our rings. Well a couple hours later, the mood changed a A LOT. My mom calls and tells me the package is crushed.

She informs me that she had to pry the inner jewelry box open with pliers because it was that destroyed. She says that the rings looks good and we left it at that.

Well, when I get home I am so excited to try on my ring. The first thing I notice is how much I HATE my ring. It was suppose to be a plain band that was the same band as my engagement ring. In reality, its big, thick, and ugly. I also notice that Craig's has massive scratches all over it  and little dents. So at this point I am trying to convince myself that it really isn't that bad we just have to fix a few things. 

Then it gets messy for a couple reasons:
1) since we special ordered and shipped our rings its past the thirty days return policy. So we can't return my ring, but we can get store credit. Now who in the hell is going to take back a chipped ring and when am I suppose to get my tush back up to Annapolis
2) Call the store. The manager basically tells me its not his problem.
3) Talk to Steve the Postman. Tells me I have to go make a claim on the rings if they are damaged
4) Zachary's has not put enough insurance on the package by a couple hundred dollars so we can't get all our money back
5) If you file a claim they take the rings from you and who knows when you get them back
6) Zachary's still has no idea what to do 

I am a case study in Murphy's Law

Image #144638
and apparently so is this girl. What is on her head?

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