Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mom and Daughter Relationship

I'll admit I have been slacking on this wedding thing this week. I have SO much to do, 7 months is coming up! If you know me it is better for me to stay ahead than to stay on time because I began to freak out about things.

Conversation with my mom today:

Mom: We need to look at the budget.
Me: Fine what do we need to add?
Mom: [Listing things off] How much do you think my dress is going to be?
Me: Why is YOUR dress going on the budget
Mom: Well its for the wedding.
Me: If its not about ME, it does not belong anywhere on that budget.
Mom: Wow, you are a huge brat

Yes, Those words came out of my mouth. It was funny because this is a typical conversation between my mom and I, but OMG I am a Bridezilla!

So this is why we need to stay ahead, keep the zilla in me at bay.

us on better days. My mom makes me look like a giant

Later that day.

Mom: Madeleine, you know those shows about hoarders?
Me: yeah...
Mom: Well your room kinda looks like one of those with all those clothes everywhere

After I get out of the shower a little bit later....

Mom: hehe I sent a picture of your room to Craig. Now he has evidence that you are a slob
Mom: You are your father's child and you need to practice cleaning and organizing before you get married

Meanwhile, this woman is moaning about how she misses her cleaning lady and how she hates cleaning.

Needless to say I slaved away and cleaned or organized my room and clothes bins. Meanwhile wedding stuff went to the wayside

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