Monday, January 17, 2011

the birdcage

The birdcage is going to turn into our mailbox for our wedding. My mom and her friend were out at antique stores two weekends ago and I get a call asking if I would like a bird cage. My next question was of course, why am I getting a bird? (of course not, I killed my beta fish and those things never die...) She says no, but its white rod iron and it would serve as a perfect birdcage. I was skeptical, but we bought it and now it is creeping up on the list of my favorite wedding things.

Since it stands alone on the table next to it is going to be the postcards which the guests will sign in a metal tray of some kind. This tray will also hopefully look vintage and the postcards are going to be a mix of postcards collected by friends and family along with some vintage ones.

I also met some Canadian friends this weekend. They were trying to convince me that I should go on my honeymoon to their hometown of Toronto. I must admit if every Canadian is as funny as this man, I just might. (as an added bonus he didn't say "aye"once). We have decided that we will more than likely not do a traditional honeymoon to an island, but look for something very different. Canada is very french.....

He is a history teacher too! He gets paid 90K a year, unlike me.
he also has a blog, logging his snowbird journey 

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