Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The time to become an adult is getting closer...

Wow, do you know when things just hit you? I was subbing today for seniors at Auburn High and they were getting excited for college. Well, in the morning I will attend my last college class at Auburn University. I am not sad about leaving college because of all the good things ahead, but its weird  it felt like yesterday I was getting ready to go to college. Now I am planning my wedding and getting pumped (ok stressed) to work forty hour work weeks during internship. AND boy do I have a lot of wedding stuff to to.

Image #115792
Love these bridesmaids dresses, actually the entire wedding

Wow I just realized that I have been really been slacking! I met with the wedding coordinator Stephanie last week and she will be coordinating the weekend of my wedding. She was super nice, she was actually a high school history teacher and decided that she would rather plan weddings. But she had some really good ideas for the wedding including how to set up the reception. Its really things like that you never think about until someone tells you too. She also gave me some names of vendors to look at...

Makemeblush I think will be doing my make up and hair. Stephanie said, "oh they do airbrush makeup, its for old brides" But then she corrected herself and said it makes you look much fresher and stays on easier. They will come to the house the day of the wedding so I don't have to go anywhere. I have to wear my hair up for the wedding because it makes me so incredibly hot and it will be the middle of August.

Image #115092
I'm pretty sure I tried on this wedding dress.
It reminded me of a T.Swift music video

I also need to send about a billion emails in order to hold my spots for all these vendors. There are all these contracts to do and as much as I want to ask my mom to do them, I will be responsible.

News on engagement pictures: Disc hasn't come in the mail so I can't make my save the dates! grrrr

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