Monday, November 22, 2010


This post keeps being interrupted: Why you ask?
1) had to complete a quiz (Operation Pass Senior Year)
2)spent time trying to convince Craig that eating a Big Mac for dinner was not healthy (as I ate a Twix and drank Sangria)
3) Help clean the house for the Schaefer Invasion
4) chatted with Lauren Kinsey about photographs
5) Talked to the DJ
6) looked at my engagement pictures for the thousandth time, you have to wait until tomorrow!

Dom says to not send any kissing ones out on the save the dates.
Never asked his opinion....

Today I fell in love....again! with cake. We met with Rhonda the lady that runs Convections on the Coast. Her cakes are delicious not to mention beautiful!

We were thirty minutes late...who is really surprised. She was super nice and pretended not to notice. She showed us all her cakes that she has made, I have seen quite a few of them on different websites. She is making an Eiffel Tower cake for this weekend!

Best cake: Samford Hall and a hooters wings cake
(you will have to look at her website, I can't jack her pictures)

She is awesome and loves girly things. My cake is going to be super girly and have lace and sparkles! I decided against cupcakes because her cakes were way too pretty to pass on
These are the cake flavors
French Vanilla w/ mascarpone cheese and white chocolate filling
Chocolate Pistachio w/ mocha filling
Lemon poppy seed w/ lemon curd filling
Carrot Cake w/ cream cheese and pineapple filling
Red Velvet w/ cream cheese and toasted pecans
Viennese Chocolate w/ chocolate butter cream
Chocolate Peanut Butter w/ peanut butter filling
Khalua Chocolate Fudge w/ mocha filling
Grand Marnier Butter Cake w/ blackberry filling
Key Lime w/ lime curd
Italian Cream w/ raspberry filling
Pina Colada Cake w/ pineapple filling
Amaretto Cake w/ peach filling
Irish Cream w/ Irish cream filling
Fresh Strawberry w/ cream cheese filling

AND I can have as many as I want, Yey
favorite so far is the pistachio one

and to add to this list of things I am doing: eating dinner.
we will have a less messy post in the am.

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