Tuesday, November 23, 2010

we have pictures!!

We got the engagement pictures back yesterday! I would have put them up but I have to download each individually in order to put them onto the blog. Well not much to say about them expect I am ordering the save the dates tonight, so check back sometime to see what options I have. Let me know what pictures you like!
These are just a select few

can you spot awkward hand?

one of my personal favorites

I kept talking about the turtles the entire time, to the point where he
was like ok well go sit on it.

another kissing picture, Dom will be so upset

just love  the house!

my mom's favorite

he looks like a little boy!

very much what happens on a regular basis

Ok here is my advice for engagement photos

1) If you are like me and just look so much healthier tan, either do your engagement pictures during the summer or hit up a tanning bed. 
2) get some sleep. my bags are not super attractive
3) If your boy is tall. Do not strain your neck to look at him. You look like giraffe. 
4) When the photographer says don't worry about looking at the camera...still do every once in awhile. Otherwise you have a lot of shots that aren't super useful 
5) Pay attention to what you are doing with your body, all those little "cute" things I do just look super awkward on film. 
6) wear a dress. They look classy (I wear them like three times a week, I may be biased) 

Its 2 am and next up is save the dates!

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