Sunday, October 24, 2010

We're going to the chapel and we're gonna get married....

so get this....
We are getting married in the Catholic Church that:
1) My brother, my uncles, my mother, and I all attended Catholic School at
2) My mom and dad got married at

we are being married by my uncle

This also requires us to go to marriage counseling with him and be nice to him until August 14, 2011 (ok thats just me)

Reasons why my Uncle is awesome: 
1) He is like excited to do this. Perhaps more excited than I am to get married
2) He is giving us the hook up for marriage counseling, by which I mean he is flying into Florida Thanksgiving night to do a session with us
3) He love LOVES loves to enunciate his words. You can easily spend a whole mass fascinated/ disturbed by what hes doing.
4) He gets annoyed very easily. This is the real reason he became a priest. No way would anyone deal with his habits
5) he lets me call him pig angel (affectionately)
6) He is a pretty sweet runner.

But kids, he says the longest masses you will ever experience in your entire life. Bring snacks

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  1. hahahah I can not wait to meet Uncle Ian lol. This is going to be soooo fun. And the snack thing im all over it!


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