Sunday, October 24, 2010


I love the idea of having bridesmaids but it was so hard to decide which people who are going to stand on the alter with you. I love all of my friends for so many different reasons. They have all been there for me and I can't wait to see each one of them on my wedding day. Plus you might actually see me cry.

The Maid of Honor- Kaitlin!

Kaitlin and I became friends in 9th grade.
It took some convincing that we would get along and now we are best friends. She used to drive three hours to visit
me at school even though she knew I would never be able to visit her because of track. She is my mother's other daughter
and the person who is keeping me sane. She also has nicknamed me Bridezilla. cute

Rana Mehr

Rana (middle) and I became friends in 8th grade. 
She  my partner in crime and eating friend. We have been known to be able to eat large pizzas and half dozen of ice cream sandwiches each. She shares my mutual love of wasting time online shopping and bikinis. We share the same birthday but I'm older by a couple of hours!

Bridget Shinal
Bridget and I met after I finally woke up from my nap in government in January of 10th grade.
Oh B.Shinal. This girl can make me laugh until I cry. She ran cross country and  track with me throughout high school 
We like our very random adventures together along with Ben and Jerry's. Bridget is my friend who also loves mail and can design just about anything. Most of my letters around my room are from her. Pray she gets tired of France and comes home for the wedding!

Kylie Sullivan

I met Kylie when she was a freshman on the cross country team. 
She has been dating my twin brother, Dominic, for four years and she will be my sister (You hear that Dominic). We have a lot of fun on our family vacations and we enjoy tea parties in tiny tiny cups. I can't wait for her to be at family dinners the rest of our lives.

Kelsey Voit

Kelsey and I were Suite mates freshman year. 
We bonded over doing generally ridiculous things that only freshman do. We had a memorable night in which we stole the portrait of the lady the dorm was named after and it ended up on the roof. She is from Vegas therefore she is automatically a my wild child friend and can kick butt at monopoly 

Hayden Price

Hayden and I were cubby buddies freshman year. 
We have established Monday night dates in 2007 and they are going strong to this day. We enjoy our tv shows together like gossip girls and appreciate magazines. We started running together last year and cooking dinner together. She is a voice of reason.

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