Wednesday, December 2, 2015

gift guide: for the girls

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. We went to Charleston and enjoyed some time at my in-laws house and then came back in time for our first big college rivalry game. I also started to feel REALLY pregnant, 6 weeks seems so short but also so long at this point. Let's not even talk about pregnancy brain. I could tell you all the things that have gone wrong....if I could remember them. 

Anyways, up next gifts for the girls. From babies to elementary school, here are some fun things to put under the tree. 

LL Bean Tote: for sleepovers and trips to Grandma's. 

Free Babe Bows: I get a kick out of living down South. Girls are playing in the dirt...but always with a bow in their hair. Love the size and colors of these

Multiplication Table Puzzle:  Making math review a little more fun and get her to the top of her class

Coloring Book: So many designs to entertain her for hours...make sure you include new crayons!

Kitty Craft Kit: Make it and add it to her room. 

Hazel Village Animals: I am pretty sure I am more excited about having a baby after seeing these toys. They are adorable! 

Croissant teether: until she can eat the real thing

Knotty Tots Bow Moccasins: So many fun colors and so affordable. 

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